10 Best Downtown Dallas Parks

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10 Best Parks in Downtown DallasDallas, TX is a city full of green spaces. There are over 400 parks in Dallas, from the enormous White Rock Lake Park, with over 1,000 acres of trails, dog parks, a museum, an arboretum, boat ramps and kayak rentals, to the tiny Dragon Park, a few hundred square feet of the coolest park you’ll ever see (unless you blink). Dallas loves parks.

Dallas even loves dog parks. With seven (yes, seven) dog parks near downtown, and even a restaurant for dogs, Mutt’s Canine Cantina, Dallas wants to make sure that everyone has green space to enjoy.

Here’s a list of our top 10 best parks that are all within a few miles of downtown Dallas:

1. The Katy Trail

The Katy Trail is a 3.5 mile green corridor of jogging and biking paths located between Glencoe Park in the north and Reverchon Park in the south. This is a great way to get your exercise without the hassles of Dallas traffic. Don’t confuse it with the Katy Trail Ice House, but stop by there for a cold beer around the halfway point!

2. Turtle Creek Parkway

The Turtle Creek Parkway is hidden away in the Turtle Creek neighborhood of Dallas. This park connects over 86 acres of green spaces along its two mile length. The Turtle Creek Parkway runs concurrent with much of the Katy Trail, but it has its own charm. Don’t overlook this park!

3. Belo Garden

Belo Garden is a 1.7 acre oasis of thousands of native plants and trees, 13,000 square feet of Texas Azalea granite, and an interactive water fountain feature that breathes life into the heart of downtown Dallas.

4. The Trinity River Corridor Project

Ok, for anyone familiar with the recent history of Dallas politics, this one might seem like a bit of a joke, but it does look like it’s finally going to happen. We’re including it on our list because of the spectacular results this area will have on the entire downtown area. Connecting downtown and south Dallas, this new nature district will reshape the entire community.

Lakeside Park has some unusual statues!5. Lakeside Park

It’s got teddy bear statues. Enough said.

6. Main Street Garden Park

With a dog run, public art installations, and wifi, this park has it all. Located between Main St. and Commerce St. just south of the Majestic Theatre, Main Street Garden Park is a beautiful, modern community hub.

7. Deep Ellum Dog Park

Dog Parks in DallasSure, it’s under a highway, but that just provided an opportunity for one of the things Dallas does best – art (seriously, Dallas has an incredible art scene). The highway supports are covered in dog themed murals, giving this park a contemporary vibe that more than makes up for the overpass. It’s also adjacent to the Deep Ellum Brewing Co., so enjoy a beer while you’re there!

8. Klyde Warren Park

This park was built on top of a highway – seriously. Just north of the Dallas Arts District, this park has it all – a dog park, interactive water features, a library, a playground for the kids, a restaurant, food trucks, and plenty of open space. This might be one of the only places where you can enjoy a gourmet grilled cheese 100 ft. above one of the busiest highways on earth.

9. The UTSWMC Rookery

This is one of the best kept secrets in Dallas. Nestled in between buildings on the campus of The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, this is a green space worth searching for. Keep in mind when you visit that the egrets and herons mostly call this park home during breeding season, from March through August. Don’t forget to obey all the rules when you’re there so you don’t disturb the birds!

10. Dragon Park

Dragon Park is a privately owned pocket park in Oak Lawn, a part of the Select Salon Dallas (stop in for a massage after enjoying the park!). Don’t worry, the park is open to the public! Full of unique statues, beautiful plants, fountains, and an incredible wrought iron gazebo, this park is a hidden treasure.

Dallas is full of parks that are both beautiful and unique. Get out and enjoy them!

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