15 Packing Tips and Hacks When Moving to a New Apartment

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Orchestrate your move

Moving can be a serious drag – especially the packing.

You heard some tips on how to organize your apartment, and that was great. You heard of the best places in the Dallas area to rent, and that was better. But now you need more; you need help moving to your new apartment! It’s exciting, but the whole process can be a bit exhausting. Take a breathe, relax, and check out these packing tips and hacks to help speed up your next move.


1. Bed Last/First

Make sure that your bed is the last thing you load into the truck or trailer. If you get delayed before leaving for your new apartment, you’ll need a place to sleep. On the flip side, you’ll also need a place to sleep if you can’t unload your stuff in one day.

2. Wrap Plates/Glasses in Shirts

Do you have a bunch of plates and glassware? Wrap them in you t-shirts! This provides some padding, and you won’t have to pay for bubble wrap.

3. Bubble Wrap

Ok, bubble wrap isn’t always bad. If you have anything super delicate, like your great-grandmother’s china set, you may want to invest in some bubble wrap.

4. Liquor Store to the Rescue!

Don’t spend a lot of money on cardboard boxes. You should be able to get a lot of your clothes in luggage and bags that you already have. Most liquor stores have the shipping boxes up for grabs, and some even set them outside their doors. It’s good for everyone – your get storage, and the owner gets you to take away his trash.

5. Downsize, Downsize, Downsize

Really consider what you’re taking with you. If you’re moving across the country, don’t take groceries. You don’t need to take the extra fifteen rolls of toilet paper with you. Think economically, and cut the dead weight.

6. Invest in Duct Tape

What makes boxes even stronger? Duct tape. What holds old luggage together? Duct tape. What keeps your kids quiet? Du… wait. No. Forget that.

7. Overnight Bag

Pack a bag of essentials that can support you for a few days. The moving process can be messy, and it will take some time to organize your apartment into a functioning unit. Don’t go digging through boxes just to find socks for the day.

8. Cling Wrap

Cling wrap fixes EVERYTHING! Do you have a DVD holder that is stuffed full? Cling wrap the DVDs in place. Do you want to move your underwear drawer without repacking your underwear in a different box? Cling wrap the drawer! Do you worry about your silverware getting loose in a box? Cling wrap the silverware holder and be done with it! You get the point. If you don’t want it to fall out, cling wrap it in place. It comes off easier than duct tape.

9. Find Friends

The timeless key to moving – find friends to help. These friends can prove invaluable in terms of time and effort. Plus, friends can help keep each other in line and motivated.

10. Work Smart, not Hard

Make sure to plan your loading and unloading beforehand. Nothing can be as frustrating as having to unpack and repack a trailer, or move boxes more than necessary.

11. Find Wheels

If you have large, cumbersome items, like a chest of drawers, find wheels. Floor dollies work incredibly well, but other items can be used as well. Get creative!

12. Elevators

Make sure you know where the elevators are in relation to your apartment and the entrance. Wheels don’t work on stairs.

13. Set the Stage

Make sure your friends know where to put your stuff. It’s human nature to drop it as close to the entrance as possible. If you don’t specify a spot early, you all will work yourselves into a corner.

14. Feast!

When the day is done, and your stuff is all in the apartment, go celebrate! Make sure that your friends know how much you appreciate the help. Take them out to a decent dinner or for drinks. Pizza is acceptable, as well.

15. Plan a day to sleep

Moving is strenuous. There’s no way around it. Plan a buffer day before going to work or starting a new project.

Find time to rest


After deciding on your next apartment, move quickly. Save time on the moving with these packing tips! If you’ve made the right choice and moved into 27TwentySeven apartments, hustle through the unpacking and start spending time enjoying yourself; go out to the clubs or grab a bite to eat. You can even explore to see what the Design District has to offer. It all sounds better than moving…

Enjoy the New Apartment!

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