Moving in Together? 4 Smart Tips for a Smooth Transition

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Moving in together as a couple

The prospect of saving money and being closer to your partner are great reasons to move in together, but it’s a big step in any relationship that can cause a huge headache for everyone involved if both of you aren’t prepared. There’s so much more to the process than just finding a place to live together and moving all of your stuff: you’ve got to set reasonable expectations, divide up household responsibilities, and be prepared to share (a lot!), and that’s just before the move-in!

Here are four of our best tips to make sure that everything goes smoothly and your relationship will thrive (not just survive) the ordeal!

1. Make sure that you’re ready

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many couples (married or just dating) jump the gun on cohabitation. Moving in with your partner before you’re both ready is one of the sure signs of relationship problems down the road.

Moving in together brings enormous changes for both parties; suddenly you’ll be spending a lot more time together, which means that all of your bad habits that your partner may not have noticed before will suddenly be front and center (and vice versa). You should be prepared for some growing pains and remember to be patient and loving. Don’t forget the reasons why you decided to move in together in the first place!

2. Sharing is caringMoving in with your partner can make for some new clutter and chaos

Moving in together is a step towards sharing your life with someone else. It’s not just your life that you’ll be sharing, though. You’ll be sharing your space, your time, and your stuff, too!

This can particularly be a hurdle for couples who are moving into one partner’s place. Suddenly, you’ve got about half the amount of counter space that you used to in the bathroom. Remember to communicate about sharing the space that you’re in together!

3. Everything in its right place

In addition to deciding whether you’ll be moving into your partner’s place, them moving into yours, or both of you finding a new place together, you should plan on taking steps to make sure that you both feel like you have your own space.

This means more than just sharing shelf-space. You and your partner should each find a place in your new home that is solely yours: a place that you can go to when you want a bit of privacy or just a break from socializing. This could be a room or just a desk in a corner! Having a personal space will help both of you stay sane as you adjust to living together.

4. Take some time for yourself

When you’re dating someone that you really like, you want to be around each other all of the time! This is (at least partially) because you know that, at some point, you’ll each go back to your separate homes where you can have a bit of time to relax and be alone. Moving in together can be a bit of a shock to the system: you’ll be spending a lot more time together, but you’ll still want that alone time that you had before.

Don’t be afraid to take some time to yourself. Whether it’s a night out with friends or just some alone time in a different room reading a book, taking some time away from your partner will keep you (and them) from feeling overwhelmed with the new changes.

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