Tips for Green Apartment Living in Dallas

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green apartment living in DallasWhen it comes to green apartment living in Dallas, not all apartments are created equal. It is important to know what to look for before you begin your apartment search, otherwise you may miss out on the eco-friendly features you truly need to contribute significantly to caring for our planet.

We’ve outlined a few things to look for in an apartment community when pursuing green apartment living in Dallas, and 5 bonus tips for after move-in!

Quick Access to Public Transportation

Utilizing public transportation as frequently as possible is a great way to cut down on pollution, while simultaneously keeping you moving! If you’re searching for a new apartment, try to find one that is located on or near the DART line or a DART bus stop. Then learn how you can maximize these options to travel to all your frequent spots, like work or your favorite social spot.

Find Bike or Pedestrian Friendly Areas

Closely related to the above, having the option to walk or bike to nearby local establishments not only allows you to get the exercise you need, but also is a bonus for the planet. Many apartments don’t even offer a spot for you to store your bike, much less a good location for biking. So be sure to scope out the area for bike friendliness, and ask about options for bike storage and usage.

Drive an Electric Car

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is very large and spread out, so there may be times when utilizing public transportation simply isn’t feasible. Choosing a car wisely can make a huge impact on the environment. An electric car is a great option for the environment conscious, but keep in mind not all apartment communities provide the necessary electrical outlets for charging so be sure to ask about outlet availability.

Request Eco-Friendly Appliances

Old appliances are a huge drain on electricity and water. If possible, request eco-friendly appliances that will not only reduce your bills, but also your footprint. And don’t forget to think beyond the basic appliances. Ask about air conditioning units, plumbing fixtures, thermostats, and even windows! All of these items can and should be designed to help you achieve your green goals.

Tips for Green Apartment Living in Dallas

Once you’ve moved in and started utilizing your public transportation and eco-friendly appliances, keep in mind that there are a few easy tips that can really help you live your best green life.

  1. Unplug – Even the most innocent seeming electronics, like an unused phone cord or your microwave, is actually draining energy. Simply unplug unused electronics to avoid energy waste.
  2. Recycle – Such a simple task can do wonders for the environment. Whether you simply make a habit of recycling paper and bottles, or choose to recycle old clothes by transforming them into something new, or donating them to a charity or secondhand store. There are a lot of ways you can make a difference by finding ways to reuse and recycle.
  3. Load Up – Only run full loads of laundry or dishes. Even energy efficient laundry machines still require the same amount of energy to run a small load as it would a large one. Simply wait a few days to wash a larger load all at once.
  4. Hydrate Responsibly – Instead of wasting tons and tons of plastic water bottles, purchase one or two reusable water bottles that can simply be washed and reused. Then refill as needed. Also, invest in a reusable coffee cup, and remember to take it with you on Starbucks runs or to work in place of one and done options.
  5. Go Paperless – Avoid wasting tons of paper on unnecessary bills, statements, and other paperwork by simply going paperless. Instead of monthly mail, have notifications sent to your email and then login to your online accounts to view important paperwork. Not only does this save paper, it also keeps your important mail from falling into the wrong hands.

One person making a few lifestyle changes can make a massive difference on the environment. With the right community and a few environmentally friendly choices, you’ll be well on your way to green living.

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