Top 5 Restaurants in the Dallas Design District

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The Dallas Design District has an overwhelming number of options. It offers its residents access to over 370 shops and showrooms, as well as scores of restaurants. Where is the best food in the Design District? Here are the best restaurants that we found, in no particular order. Because honestly, who could pick a favorite?


5. Ascension – 7 min

Dallas coffeeThe best restaurants always seem a bit obsessive, and Ascension is surely that. This place loves its coffee – offering 22 varieties of the essential nectar. Purists can still find their black drip coffee, but baristas can also show off their knowledge with a cortado, macchiato, Kyoto coldbrew, or an espresso tonic. The possibilities can be a bit overwhelming.

In addition to the coffee, Ascension also offers an array of food items. Their menu is full of elegant, modern takes on old-school favorites, like the smoked salmon hash and the bacon and leek frittata for breakfast. Lunch and dinner also provide solid options.

Ascension has a lot to offer its guests, including a warm, social atmosphere. Leave any work at the door and enjoy some great coffee and tasty plates.


4. Taco Stop – 9 min

There are times when nothing beats a taco. Come on, what beats food in an edible wrapper? And Taco Stop is the best place to grab some street tacos on the go. They offer authentic flavors and whip up some awesome stuff, including the breakfast tacos “all in” and any lunch taco with magic onions. What are magic onions, some may ask? The only thing to make a taco even better – onions sautéed with bacon. Wash this all down with a Mexican Coke or some Topo Chico, and consider lunch a success.

The shop is open from 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, so hit them up for your next power breakfast or lunch on the run! Or, if a lunch run won’t work, call them up for catering.


3. Oak – 10 min

OakOak is the first fine-dining option on this list. Quick meals and coffee and great, but everyone needs to be spoiled from time to time. Oak offers, in their own words, a simply elegant global cuisine. Plates are beautifully prepared with exquisite ingredients. The global aspect jumps out from the menu. The restaurant offers roasted Japanese pumpkin, Nova Scotian halibut, Wagyu beef, Australian lamb, and Berkshire pork. And the non-Wagyu beef is sourced right here in Texas.

Oak also offers a Power Lunch menu, a unique bar menu (with items like yucca fries and hummus), and an excellent cocktail menu. This place definitely warrants a visit. Plan to indulge.


2. Meddlesome Moth – 7 min

animal-1296745_1280This list doesn’t play favorites, but it is a little bit difficult to downplay the awesomeness that is the Meddlesome Moth. This restaurant offers an insane amount of variety. The food menu offers everything from seared Ahi tuna on a stick to a rabbit pot pie. There are a ton of plates to share, and each one looks as interesting as the last. For those who like more unique offerings, the Moth also serves Beef Bone Marrow.

The only thing more impressive than the food offerings is the beer. The Meddlesome Moth has 40 beers on draught, 85 in bottles, and 2 live ales. This restaurant is perfectly suited for anyone searching for new flavors.



1. FT33

The last entry on this list is something special. FT33 belongs to chef Matt McCallister, and the man is a big deal (read on his accolades here). The restaurant offers a “season inspired modern cuisine,” that focuses on seasonally available produce. The chefs focus on a personal connection to the farmers that supply the produce, and the effects are incredible. The plates highlight the wide variety of items and styles used at FT33.

For those looking for a true culinary adventure, try the Chef’s Tasting Menu. Let the chefs show off their skills and creativity in a multi course journey through their cuisine.


What’s the best part about all of these restaurants? They are all within 10 minutes of 27TwentySeven Apartment Homes. So this weekend, go out and try something new. The Dallas Design District has enough restaurants and flavors to suite any palate. Go and explore!



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